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Dear Families and Patrons of Future Scholars,

As the new school year approaches you will see center enhancements underway. As a member of the community for over 20 years, Future Scholars respect the need to be innovative in the area of personal cognitive and academic growth. Many children have made friends, smiled and laughed through their journey of learning here at the center. Moving forward we are dedicated to continuing the making of valued childhood memories while expanding their exploration and creative senses. It is our commitment to supply your child’s foundation for learning. We appreciate your loyalty and patience as we diligently prepare the center to supply the highest of quality services. Classrooms with organization, structure and opportunity for choice. Teachers and caregivers who nurture, support and guide your children to a sense of competence and self worth. Centers that foster curiosity, exploration and imagination. School readiness skills in literacy, math & science, language and problem solving. All essential to a healthy and productive learning process. A road of adventure lies ahead for our learners. As the following four weeks bring about revision, I invite you to embrace the next chapter in Future Scholars legacy.

It is my honor and pleasure to take the reigns from my sister-in-law and good friend, Miss Kim, to fulfill her dream to make a positive difference in the life of a child. Rest assured, the exceptional team of caregivers and educators are here to stay under the professional leadership and guidance of Miss Nancy.

I invite you to review my personal and professional journey in early childhood at I am a 30+ year veteran to the field of education and live my dreams and passions to supply learning and growing through creative experiences and emotional guidance.

I look forward to sharing your child’s growth and development and am here for you. Feel free to call me with questions, concerns or words of wisdom.

Christine Eckersley
“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” -Walter Elias Disney

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