September 2018 Newsletter

Dear Families:

   Welcome to the official start of our 2018-2019 school year.  Here at Future Scholars Preschool we are making it a September to remember!  We are delighted to move forward with familiar faces and are enthusiastic to welcome our new families to our center.  We have enhanced our curriculum program and are eager to dive into a year of growth at all levels  To introduce the "soaring strategies" that we have incorporated to our academic program, there will be a "preschool presentation night" for all preschool parents  You will gain valuable information pertaining to your child's academic journey at FSP.  It's a great opportunity to meet the dynamic team of educators and explore their inviting classrooms while you experience a day in the life of your child.  Be prepared for a hands-on experience!  Details will be posted at the reception desk.

An Adventure Begins...     

September is our time to explore around our new classroom and seek adventures around every corner.  The children enjoy the classrooms while learning the expectations and limits around them.  Each classroom teacher shares information about themselves and the goals they'll reach for as a group.  Teachers are eager to introduce themselves to all new incoming families.  Feel free to ask questions or share thoughts with them on a regular basis  Life is always an adventure; here we turn learning into the greatest ADVENTURE EVER!  If your child is moving to a new classroom in the center, feel free to request a tour of the classroom.  Our nurturing and attentive staff is looking forward to working with all their enthusiasm.  

Capturing Memories at FSP 

Future Scholars Preschool is happy to announce that we will be doing school portraits on September 17th.  Lifetouch will visit and take photos of all who are interested in capturing a moment in time.  Online services are available with a turnaround time of 48 hours.  Lifetouch is also now affiliated with Shutterfly.. Anyone who choses the online service receives an 8 x 8 -20 page photo book free.  A perfect opportunity to capture a precious memory.


Birthdays are special at Future Scholars Preschool and each child's birthday is acknowledged.  The child's name is posted on the birthday award in the classroom.  Recognition is give at "circle time".  A birthday bag is available for classroom teachers to use . The bag includes celebratory activities, festive music and birthday costumes for the children to enjoy.   

Soaring and Exploring Revolutionary Academics 

Through our progressive activities, concrete learning opportunities , support and encouragement from our teachers, your child will soar through creating their academic foundation.  Themed monthly units define our focus and direction while allowing space for self-expression and creativity.  Each themed unit is inclusive of STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities and RIELS (RI Early Learning Standards).                           

*Within each unit there are four detailed subunits that strengthened the themed concepts and enhance the learning journey.                                                                                                             

*Each Pre-kindergarten classroom explores around and incorporates the use of tablets with the virtual three and four dimensional learning experience.                                       

Research reveals that students who attend high quality early education programs                  experience greater academic success and educational attainment.

Philosophy Enhancements

The Kids on the Block puppet troupe will be visiting FSP on 9/11 . at 10:00am.  Kids on the Block is a nationally recognized puppet program that provides an educational experience.  The "Kids" teach children about disabilities and a variety of other topics important to children's learning in today's world.                                                                                                                 

Hair-do Day: We invite you to join Ms. Faith from Faith's House of Style in Tiverton on Tuesday 9/25 at 9:00am for a haircut in an environment where your children are secure and comfortable.  Haircuts for boys and girls are $10.00, bangs trimmed $3.00, braids $5.00 and PrincessDo's $10.00.  Please make sure all gratuities are provided in cash the day of the haircut.  All proceeds to directly to Ms.Faith.                                                                                     

Scholastic Books is a great program to get excellent age appropriate, affordable books for your children to help them become successful lifelong readers.  Each month, Scholastic provides book flyers to FSP and we make them available to our families.  Orders can be placed online or through us.  Flyers are available at the reception desk.   

                                                       2018/2019 Tuition Rates                                               

    As of Monday, September 3rd, 2018 tuition rates will be as follows:   

                       Toddler, ages 18 months - 3 years old                         $47.00 per day                                                 Preschool                                                                    $47.00 per day                                                 Half day (8am-12noon)                                              $41.00 per day

Gentle Reminders .                                                                                                                              *Maintain un updated physical for your child's records.                                                                     

*Have a spare set of labeled, weather appropriate clothes in your child's cubby.                         

 *If food is prepared at home and sent to school in a separate microwavable container  we are       able to re-heat.  Please no glass containers.