January 2019 Newsletter


At a glance

Happy New Year: Center Closed, Tuesday, January 1st Martin Luther King Day: Monday, January 21st, Center Open Hair-do Day: Tuesday, January 29th 9:00am Winter Fest at Future Scholars Preschool: Slippers daily and Jammies on Snowy Days ************************************************************************************************** Heartfelt Thoughts Reflecting on the Years’ end, all out center happenings brought smiles, creativity and lots of growth. The children embraced the “12 days of Christmas” and worked together spreading holiday cheer. The center friendship wreath brought creativity and pride to the children and brought the staff such a warm feeling to see their excitement and work. Our Elf on the Shelf, Ralphie, got lots of laughs and attention through his many special appearances. It was refreshing to watch the children seek out Ralphie upon arrival daily. Our Peace Chains came together on December 21st 2018. The teachers hung the chains together in the school uniting the children in peace. As they enjoyed picking their favorite colors and connecting them together, they discussed how big and beautiful the chain would be when everyone in the center shared in it’s creation.. We would like all our FSP families to know what a joy your children bring to all of our lives on a daily basis. It is not only care, safety and direction we supply… it’s an amazing amount of love, respect and admiration we share with each child, and their families. Thank you for the festive holiday season.

Winter Fest Embracing the weather and coziness of the season. We invite you to send your child’s favorite slippers to wear in the classroom for the month of January. Also, any day that it snows is a pajama day at Future Scholars! If you see snowflakes, put on your coziest jammies and come to school!

Thank You A special THANK YOU, to all of our families for the delicious goodies and thoughtful gifts. Your kindness and generosity are always greatly appreciated and brought a feeling of pride to our very special caregivers.

School Snow Policy Future Scholars Preschool strictly follows the Tiverton Public Schools schedule for snow conditions. In the event, conditions have been labeled a state of emergency, the center will close for the safety of the children , their families and our staff. In keeping with this policy, Future Scholars may opt to delay the opening of the center, or close earlier in the afternoon, if we feel that conditions are not safe . All school closing, delays and updates due to extreme weather conditions will be broadcast on local Rhode Island channels 6, 10 and 12.

Tax Receipts Year-end tax receipts are available from the office by request only. If you would like one, simply call the office, send an email or drop a note in the payment drop box and we will get one ready for you as soon as possible. Receipts may be picked up at the reception desk or by email. Please specify preference at the time of request.

Choking Hazards The American Academy of Pediatrics has come up with the following list of the biggest choking hazards and ways to make them safer for your child. Hot Dogs are one of the most common foods that children choke on. To minimize risk, cut them lengthwise and then chop them up into very small, irregular shapes. Apples, along with other fruits and vegetables should be chopped into very small, manageable pieces or cooked until mushy throughout. Grapes and grape tomatoes should always be cut half or quartered before you give them to your young children. If grapes have seeds make sure the seeds are removed. Nuts, the size and shape of nuts make them very dangerous for young children to consume. Peanut butter can be difficult for a child to swallow at once. The safest way to eat it is to spread a thin layer on a cracker. Marshmallows can easily get lodged in a child’s throat. Popcorn is a very easy food to choke on because of the size and shape. It is best to avoid giving marshmallows and popcorn to small children. Long pasta and noodles should be chopped into very small, manageable pieces. With safety in mind, we will be enforcing the list of choking hazards. Feel free to send in foods cut appropriately, and please refrain from foods that may cause choking. For the safety of our children, we will take notice of choking hazards sent into school for snack or lunch. We will notify you if we feel an unsafe food was provided.

Happy New Year 2019

Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessings a heart can know.