Special Activities

Global Trotters

The adventure begins’ here…


As global trotters, we choose our means of transportation, find our special location and update our passports as we prepare ourselves for departure! Global Trotters is part of our Summer Camp program.

The countries we “visit” include Brazil, Japan, Egypt, Australia, Mexico and India.

Through in-house “traveling”:

  • We explore countries, their history and culture while also experiencing some of their well- known foods and customs

  • We learn the many ways to travel and all that is needed to travel

  • We explore the world map through the eyes of a child

  • Through music, artifact, food, animals, language and natural wonders we explore our precious world together

Hair-Do Day


We invite you to join Ms. Faith from Faith’s House of Style in Tiverton, RI for a haircut in an environment where your children are secure and comfortable. Ms. Faith offers boy and girl haircuts, bangs trimmed, braids and the very popular Princess-do. Hair-Do day is offered once a month.



The American Academy of Pediatrics and The National Association of the Education for Young Children recommends that children should participate in activities that support the development of the whole child.  That is exactly what yoga is all about! Yoga is offered occasionally by yoga teachers from our community.

Through mindfulness and mediation, children gain the benefits  of improvement in cognitive control, emotional regulation, working memory and attention, as well as reduced anxiety levels.



Test your strength with an introduction to fundamentals and karate techniques.  Karate is a fun way for children to achieve fitness and focus.  The martial arts help teach self discipline and socialization skills. Karate classes are occasionally held at FSP and taught by members of our community.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club is a great program to get excellent age appropriate, affordable books for your children to help them become successful lifelong readers. Each month, Scholastic provides flyers to FSP and we make them available to our families. The book club is available on a monthly basis.